21 common training mistakes made by beginners (and some advanced athletes)

HUN Blog from 28/05/2022 It’s a great step to start exercising, as it’s one of the lifestyle factors that can do a lot for your health, appearance, performance or even a great recreational and social event. The effects of exercise work best when done properly, otherwise it can be dangerous to a greater or lesser… Continue reading 21 common training mistakes made by beginners (and some advanced athletes)

Safe Sunbathing

HUN Blog from 27/06/2020 In this article, we will discuss how to sunbathe safely without sunburn, sunstroke, heat shock, cataracts, skin cancer and other unpleasant side effects, so that you can stop being afraid of it and maximise the positive biological effects of sun exposure. I also cover the mechanism of sunburn and melanoma. I… Continue reading Safe Sunbathing

Training barefoot Part 2.

HUN Blog from 10/10/2016 In this section, I continue to promote barefoot sport. It will focus on running, its techniques and scientific studies that have investigated the question of running with or without shoes. [back to Part I] Many people take their running technique from walking, they walk with a straight torso and touching the… Continue reading Training barefoot Part 2.

Training barefoot Part 1.

HUN Blog from 10/10/2016 For me, paleo thinking is also about rediscovering everything what we used to do well and what we are doing wrong today that makes us not fully healthy. In this article I focus on our two legs. Animals and native peoples don’t wear shoes, at most rudimentary sandals, yet they don’t… Continue reading Training barefoot Part 1.

10 Hunter-Gatherer SuperFood

I have previously written about my top 3 superfood categories HERE! I won’t go into details about the top three this time, let’s have a look at the others! The main aspects are nutrient density, bioavailability and necessity, mitochondrial function, our evolutionary heritage. I would add that this is an “elite club”, and it is… Continue reading 10 Hunter-Gatherer SuperFood

Thoughts from Albert Szent-Györgyi

HUN Blog from 24/10/2016 Here are some interesting, thought-provoking quotes from the Hungarian, Nobel Prize-winning scientist. Few people know, but Albert Szent-Györgyi is not only famous for vitamin C, he is also credited with many other biochemical discoveries, a pioneer in bioelectronics or quantum biology and not far from the paleo principles.   ‘Food is… Continue reading Thoughts from Albert Szent-Györgyi