How have I protected myself in the last 1,5 year?

HUN Blog from 23/11/2021

Actually, it would be a private matter, but I’ve been sharing a lot of lifestyle strategies and experiences over the last few years, so I thought the topic of coronavirus might be interesting as well. Warning, the following article will be a bit angry and outspoken in places and may be too much for some! Others may recognise themselves for having done the same. Never mind, I am not here to please everyone, I am just writing down my own experiences and thoughts. In principle we are free and have freedom of speech.

A few thoughts in advance

I’m not a virus denier-virus lover, antivaxer-vaccine lover, mask denier-mask lover, conspiracy theorist-conspiracy theory creator, light-eating cultist, flat-earthist and other labels invented to divide (divide and conquer…) people into two bits (0 or 1, A or B, right or left, vaccinated or unvaccinated…) or any simple category. I am more of a complex, free and critical thinker, a constant learner. The world and people are diverse, not black and white. And we also can change sometimes.

Also, I am not a doctor, virologist, world crisis manager, etc. ’Only’ an athlete and health preventing bioengineer (we studied medical subjects and microbiology on basic level), plus I researched a few years in the world of biophysics, quantum biology. I don’t know how to cure the disease, which vaccine is better, how much vitamin to take, how old the captain is, etc. I know something about the healthy functioning of the human body, disease prevention, with my own experience.

I do not want to encourage anyone to do anything, especially not to follow blindly. I would only encourage readers to do their own research, to act according to their own beliefs and the information available to them. Do what works for you, what makes you feel safe! If necessary, contact the right professionals you trust. In this article, I write about alternative, natural methods that are backed by science and experience. Please note, this does not mean that all alternative methods are good and all official methods are bad! There’s a lot of bullshit on both sides and also things that work.

I know people who were seriously ill for a long time with coronavirus. I also know friends of friends who died supposedly in connection with this. I also know personally vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I can understand those who are afraid because they have been personally affected or have had a close people with serious problems from the virus. I hope that this does not lead them to be myopic and that it does not limit their need to see the big picture of what is happening in the world. I hope they will also be able to listen to alternative narratives and to reconcile them with their existing views. It seems to me that there is more to this than just an epidemic that has broken out by accident.

It’s not simple black and white, there are many layers of this story, we don’t even know where to start the explaination. It could be a novel with multiple parts, I’ll stick to a longer article. I don’t really feel like dealing with it, there are so many other things to do in life, I just don’t like the whole situation and I think it could be handled better. So here’s a virus that could be dangerous for some people. One of the key questions is: Is it accidental, natural or is it something that’s been artificially made in a lab? If the latter, who did it and why???

Society has become divided. Some people are afraid, terrified and do everything they can, obeying all the rules to avoid infection, and most of them cling to this sense of security. If necessary, for years and refuses to accept other points of view. Then there’s the other group of people who think there’s no danger (or the virus doesn’t even exist) and go on living their lives as before (as they can now…). Of course there are mixed minded people in both groups, and extreme, narrow minded missionaries as well. 

Some see the only solution in artificial patches and others think that it is not a coincidence we have immune system by factory-desing and it can protect us also against this virus. Especially if we do something for it. The old dilemma: are we helpless and in need of outside help, or can we do something for ourselves and be strong enough?

So here is this unexpected phenomenon that has shaken the world to its core. I hope we can all agree that it would be nice to get over it one way or another and get back to some kind of ‘normal’ life. I hope there aren’t too many weirdos who would love to live their lives in a mask, terrified of other people, queuing up for the next shot every six months, happy to see their children grow up in such a world and loving this uncertainty.

The good news is that the survival rate is still over 99% (with supposed statistical manipulations) and there are natural health practices that can greatly reduce the risks and bring the immune system to optimal levels! At least for me, the methods listed below work for some reason (or something else I don’t know about), but I must just be some lucky alien… Also, I may already be immune (along with many others) due to previous other coronavirus infections.

I admit, I was a bit scared and more cautious in the first weeks of the corona pandemic, but as I investigated and experienced, my fear of the disease soon dissappeared completely. By the way, have you ever heard this explanation?

Fear = lack of information.

Since 2013, I have been summarizing, in the form of books, articles and videos, the natural health practices I know which also can improve the immune system. Biohacking, if you like. With tons of scientific references. Unfortunately, not many people were interested in these theoretical knowledge and practical tips, although they might have been useful. I think it’s still not too late to think about them.

So let’s see how I’ve been protecting myself for the last 1,5 or almost two years!

Ancient, unadvertised, but with a bit of research, knowable methods:

  • I was outside every morning at sunrise. I tried to be outside as much as possible during the day, sunbathing with free skin (circadian rhythm, vitamin D).
  • In the evening I usually went to bed early, used blue light filtering software, glasses (blue light protection).
  • I exercised daily, 1-3 times a week intensively, the rest was low to medium intensity training.
  • I walked at least half an hour every day.
  • 90% of my food was local, seasonal, fisher-hunter-gatherer (paleoish, ketoish) ingredients. The remaining 10% was occasionally anything, even junk food, alcohol (saints can be found at home or in churches…)
  • Vitamin C: after a 4 year brake, I started taking it again, but only about 3-500mg/day + 1-2 lemons a day.
  • I was breathing through my nose, sleeping with a tape on my mouth at night (Buteyko method).
  • I bathed in the cool sea every day, but any lake, river, garden tub or a nice cold shower would have been working as well.
  • Every day I walked or exercised barefoot on natural surfaces for at least half an hour (grounding).
  • Instead of fear, anxiety, panic, I tried to keep myself in a good mood (not always successfully in this chaos): smile, laugh, love, be grateful, do things I like, learn, try new things and create.
  • I haven’t watched TV or the news in about 15 years. Well, I’ve picked up information from the internet since then, but from a variety of interested sources!

Recommended and professionally marketed methods:

  • Social distancing: Every day I shook hands, hugged, kissed people I knew, strangers from far away, my fellow human beings (vaxxed-unvaxxed as well). I regularly went out socially, sometimes to parties, where there were always new people. Within the magical 1,5 meters.  
  • Hand washing: In the last 1,5 year, I’ve managed to wash my hands about 10 times with the new holy-water, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wiped out my skin’s natural microflora. Even then, it was only because I was told to in a shop or an office. And yes, most of the time I eat food that falls on the floor and sometimes I don’t bathe or brush my teeth every day. I think we need a little dirt to stimulate the immune system.
  • Mask: I wore it where I had to, even though I’m not a surgeon or a bitey dog. As soon as I stepped out of the store, I was taking off my new fancy wardrobe piece. So far I haven’t spent a cent on them. I cut the first one out of a sock. After that I used whatever I got at work or found discarded on the street (Yes! There are plenty of them, at least I contributed to cleaning up the Earth. I picked them up, took them home, washed them and voila!). Every 2-3 months I washed them again when they started to turn from bluish white to grey and the bacterial colony inside them started to saturate. When we had to wear it on the street, I tried to walk a lot in places where about nobody was walking and I could pull off on the chin as fake beard. Nice, we had to feel like criminals when all we wanted was fresh air, meanwhile the real criminals are posing in suits (or in good boy sweaters) planning their world-conquering ideas and dirty deals. Also, I quit my dream job on the beach, mainly because I thought it was nonsense to wear a mask all day on the beach, in 30 degrees C heat, in the open air, when 90% of the clients don’t wear it at all… Oh, and the surfboards and sails that had just returned from the sea had to be disinfected according to the new regulations… It was a comedy show, for a Hollywood level salary I might have played the clown for a while, but maybe not even then. It was also obligatory in the obstacle races, at a heart rate of 180, in the strong sun, climbing the obstacles. Congratulations to whoever thought of that! In the end, it’s a good hypoxic workout to which we will adapt nicely with better oxygen deprivation tolerance. I picked the muzzle up because otherwise I’d be disqualified. Just in case I wrote a BS text on it. By the way, where are the hazardous waste collection bins where the used masks full of deadly viruses could be safely thrown away? Entering a restaurant, the virus attacks for a minute and not while eating for half an hour?
  • Vaccine: Thanks, I’ll stay in the control group in this new “human experiment”. I know I won’t be a model citizen. Anyway, I’m cheering and hoping it works and is completely side effect free, because I know many people have gone that route. Basically, it’s not a bad idea to vaccinate, to give some resistance to those who are weakened and just can’t (or don’t want) do anything about their own immune system. The question arises, why are natural immune boosting options not promoted and taught with the same vigour? Surely it has nothing to do with the huge profit for someone to sell X billion whatever and the associated theatrical stufffs, even repeatedly, even for years… unlike as some free methods. Besides, if vaccination works, why are they afraid of the unvaccinated? And if it doesn’t work, why they use it?

So I was like a real rebellious bad boy, even though I had previously been awarded as a good student&athlete. I did almost everything the opposite of the “most scientific, most humanitarian” recommendations. For some reason it came instinctively and based on my previous (not a little) studies and experiences. But I have been paying attention to my lifestyle, as I have for the last 10 years, about which I have written a lot. Not completely fanatical as I used to be, but I have followed these practices at least 80-90% of the time. And thank you very much, I still haven’t gotten the media’s favourite celebrity disease (or it’s just passed through me unnoticed), I feel fit and healthy. Or some other factor worked that I don’t know about. In fact, many of the people around me are similarly well, have used the official recommendation block in a similar way and have not lived half as consciously healthy a lifestyle as I did in the first block.

I would put it this way, I followed universal, natural law, uncorrupted science and my intuition, rather than nonsense, illogical, corrupted science, control- and power freak whatever created by some people. In other words, I voted to support a well-functioning immune system of my own and heard immunity.

Of course, all this is no guarantee that I will not be defeated in the future by the most dangerous, professionally branded disease in the history of the world, but it just makes you wonder how the hell I stayed in one piece for over a year and a half with the above strategies, doesn’t it? Also, I haven’t caught anything like this infection in about 10 years, apart from 1-2 mild cold-like cases during periods of excessive stress. Maybe the above healthy lifestyle bundle should be analysed by the big experts instead (if they really want to help) and made feasible for everyone?

I mean simple things like this:

  • Recommended sun exposure, sunshine breaks for everyone
  • Circadian rhythm friendlier work-school schedule
  • Biology friendly lighting everywhere: buildings, public spaces, public transport, screens, hospitals!!! (artificial blue light reduction)
  • Free vitamin C and D
  • Natural, local, seasonal, nutritious food at affordable prices
  • Reducing refined, processed, “junk food” in grocery stores
  • Stress reduction, promoting good mood
  • Opportunities for exercise for all
  • Full information about alternative health options that work
  • Free choice, without coercion or manipulation
  • Free to travel, without brain disturbing tests, no ID cards
  • Abolition of censorship

Oh, that these methods have been known for a long time, it’s just difficult to implement them in modern lifestyles… But then the question arises, why do we live in an inherently unhealthy, disease-ridden, oppressive social system???

When there is plenty of knowledge, resources and infrastructure for a free, liveable life in peace, tranquility and love for all.

Of course it’s easy for me

I am lucky because I am young, strong, sporty and live a life close to nature. The over-trained, junk food eating, sleep deprived (elite) athletes who got the sickness are a different category, in my opinion… But how did I get here? Not by luck, but by conscious lifestyle choices on a daily basis for years, decades. Most of them cost almost nothing, just reading (and other information gathering), some time, energy, and reorganizing what I thought was normal. If it works, why not make this a model example?

Maybe we should look at similar cases and those who have overcome the disease on their own, and what worked for them should be made tangible for everyone? If the experts and decision-makers really want to help. Perhaps the vast financial and IT resources could be used to do just that. Or has everyone been bought or blackmailed? Or they just not had time while busy with working to update their knowledge with scientific innovations known for decades?

I am a little sad that the media is not trumpeting the methods I advocate with many others. I had a lot of work publishing it. Almost all the informations are before pandemic. I think I have published useful, sensible things that would be of great importance especially now and perhaps many lives could have been saved, fewer serious symptoms would have occurred, but it is still not too late. Probably many people have not yet received this informations. Those who have – with few exceptions – have either not really cared or have been thought Im crazy. Don’t worry, I’m not looking for fame. I have stood at the top of the podium several times listening to the national anthem, I have been in newspapers and in TV and that is not why I did it, I prefer to live a calm life.

I haven’t invented anything special, I’ve found only great biological information treasures, all available to anyone on the internet and in books. For years, decades! And then I had the diligence, perseverance to summarize and have the courage to share them. As others didn’t do it, who should have done it, in the right expert, decision making positions, for a handsome salary. I would also like to see this information package in defence, not just the “holy-four” of mask, hand-washing, distance, jabs, and pushing 24/7 of panic, fear, guilt, coercion, hopelessness!  

World situation

The world is a bit upside down and there are many brainwashing propagandas, manufactured problems (not only about the virus) to keep people in fear (perhaps to divert attention from other things…) and then graciously offer the “only” solution. But who asked for these fake troubles? Not me and certainly not a few billion others. See. climate change, migrant situation, wars, terrorism, blacklivesmatter, questioning gender identity, nonsense diet and sun recommendations, etc..

There is really nothing new in all this. If you look a bit more closely, you can see that it has been the same for a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand years, but in the last 2 years it has been pushed full power. It was neccessary the modern, advanced technology and infrastructure. The first clever people realised that whoever came up with a dogma could control the others. All they have to do is to somehow remove the alternative narratives and different opinions, build a command enforcement staff and they can play ’God’. It’s incredible that Homo Sapiens (intelligent or wise man or whatever) can be so manipulated and controlled. Wake up! Don’t take it personally.

I know, I know, the delta is here (and the other variantz from alpha to omega will come) and we can no longer trust our immune systems (and our common sense) that have been working for hundreds of thousands of years. According to the sacred and inviolable, truth-telling media monopoly and some ’big people’… I think we should give it a chance and explore natural methods!

Don’t let the stripe drag the plane!

A year and a half or two years is not a short time, especially as I have not been living in an isolated bunker, but have done many things to catch the virus and Im still fine. Or I could say 10 years if you include the time before the crowned king. What’s more, I’ve used scientifically backed, natural health methods that I’ve learned from doctors and researchers and tested on myself. One person’s example can mean something, but I know I am far from alone. There are millions (or more?) of people in the world with similar experiences and thinking.

Yess, it looks like I have an immune system and it looks like I can trust it if I do something for it! And I may even be protected by a previous, different coronavirus infection (as many others are). I apologise for being healthy because I have done something about it and I am not afraid. In fact, I have been publishing scientific explanations of the methods I use for years.

Or would I rather live in fear for decades, with all kinds of patches and restrictions, just in case, because you never know? Should I not even drive a car because people die and have accidents on the roads every day? Should I follow health advice from overweight, metabolically ill, untrained, outdated or misinformed (maybe even corrupt) experts or billionaire investors with no health professional background, who have hardly researched alternative methods, hardly been in nature and make up all sorts of rules in the office? Just because they have the money and power and have been in position for a long time? Respect for the exception. Sorry, but for me most of them are not authentic leaders, no matter what their title is, no matter how often and loudly they speak. Or should I subordinate myself to those who are afraid because they do not know that there are another ways or are simply unwilling to do for themselves?

Who has the real information and energetic potential? Who should follow whom?

I prefer to think that the methods of ‘impossible survivors’ like me should be explored and what works should be made available to everyone! Unfortunately, a large part of the population is living with some kind of metabolic disease (see obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.) and therefore their immune systems are not in very good shape, although most cases could be cured with the right lifestyle changes. The knowledge, money, resources and infrastructure are there! The question is, do the experts and policy makers want it? Or will the people, including the command and control staff, finally wake up and unite to do something for change.   

I am well aware that I am doing above average for my health and it is not possible to just hand over this condition, skillset and knowledge to anyone overnight, but it looks like there are hopeful alternative solutions! After all, if the world could be completely reorganised and subordinated to Mr. covid in a few of months, then perhaps natural methods could be spread just as quickly, with particular attention to more vulnerable groups, and the circus could be over.

That’s it in short. I have no understanding of politics, economic crises or mass psychology and I don’t have time for tracing and summarising the endless, tangled threads of the corona misery, staring at the screen for days and months. I’d rather go for a nice walk in nature, sunbathe and breathe fresh air. There is peace and calm.

Life is good, especially if they let us live it! I wish you super good health, perseverance, strength and courage to face obstacles, joy, love and happiness in your everyday life!

Sooner or later all the circus shows will end, all the lies will come out and so will the truth. Furthermore, according to quantum physics, we are supposed to be co-creators of the future. So it might be worth taking advantage of this and creating a world that we and our children would like to live in.

Sincerely, one of the many millions (or billions) of black sheep that survived 2 years “impossibly”

P.S.: To anyone who thinks I’m an irresponsible lunatic, I say they are probably under- or misinformed.


    1. Thanks! I think everyone has a different viewpoint, it would be great to hear more opinions and find a common way to go out from this situation..

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