Hormones: ask your doctor, pharmacist…

HUN Blog from 16/03/2019

In recent decades, the number of diseases affecting the hormonal and neurotransmitter system and their consequences have been increasing. Thyroid-cortisol-melatonin problems, estrogen dominance, low testosterone, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, diabetes, mental illness, etc.

If these metabolic diseases are spreading so rapidly, it cannot be explained by genetics alone. Epigenetics is a more useful tool to describe the phenomenon. Something has changed in the environment to which people react in this way. Many people think of unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, sudden hormone imbalances, etc. These have a role to play, but there is a completely neglected, very important environmental factor…

There are new discoveries about hormones and I think a lot of people haven’t heard about that. Suffice it to mention the hormone leptin, which is responsible for energy balance, circadian rhythm, the diurnal fluctuations of the other hormones.

Also worth knowing about a simple biophysical connection!

Our hormones, our neurotransmitters, our DNA, our amino acids and the proteins they are made of also contain so-called aromatic ring structures. The physico-chemical property of ring molecules is that they have delocalised electron clouds and are able to absorb (and excite), convert and emit light of certain frequencies. They can do this at a wide range of frequencies, from UV-C through the visible to the infrared. In effect, this is how they communicate with each other, regulating metabolic processes.

Read more: luminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, Jablonski diagram

Hormones, neurotransmitters are playgrounds for photons and electrons!

What is the epigenetic factor, environmental factor that has changed in the last 120 years, especially in the last 1-2 decades?

I’m not a doctor or a healer, just an enthusiastic bioengineer who learns a lot about biophysics. The purely biochemical and genetic approach has long time not gave answers for me… I have perhaps had more time to follow modern biophysical, quantum biological discoveries than those who do a lot of work on the front line saving patients. It seems to me that many people are still not aware of these scientific advances. I hope this changes soon and the picture comes together for all of us!

Ask your doctor or pharmacist what he/she knows about the interactions of biomolecules and photons, electrons, mitochondria and circadian rhythms!


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