Diet Religions

HUN Blog from 15/06/2019

Don’t argue with a religious man… so they say. It has happened before, hasn’t it? A fanatical believer wants to defend his belief system at all costs, finds it hard to accept anything that contradicts his beliefs…

In the world of healthy eating, too, there are different trends and “diet religions”. With basic rules, dogmas, what you can and can’t do, why you get a red dot, what’s a sin… Are you paleo? Are you keto? Are you vegan? Are you a raw vegan? Do you eat by blood type? Are you alkalizing? Do you also not eat sugar/gluten/whatever? If so, you’re my buddy, if not, why don’t you do it, because it’s obviously the best thing…

I have previously made a VideoBlog on the subject. (Hungarian with English subtitles)

As if we didn’t grow up as omnivores somehow before today’s dietary trends. It’s certainly a wise step to start paying conscious attention to your eating habits. The question is, what is the source of this awareness? What has convinced you to follow this path or that? Logical reasoning? Scientific basis? Emotional sympathy? Has it worked for someone else?

If someone wants a science-based diet for themselves, why not start with the (bio)physical basics? One of my favourite quotes on the subject:

‘Science is just physics: everything else is just stamp collecting.’ /Rutherford/

Sugar, protein, fat, vitamins, thyroid, cortisol, etc… These represent the biochemical level. Scientific? Yes and no. The fact is that biochemistry is also governed by physics, so without it it is incomplete and often misleading.

The total light spectrum is 73 octaves, of which life uses only 1, namely the visible light spectrum. This one octave is not a small one, sunlight contains 8,683,317,618,811,886,495,518,194,401,280,000,000 different frequencies. This is the incredible amount of variation that controls biochemical processes. There are nearly 100,000 biochemical reactions that take place within us every second that light can control. So the variations in the frequency of visible light are not a magic bullet to cover those 100,000 possibilities.

I’ve been looking for a diet for a long time. I think the most “scientific”, cutting edge, is the mitochondrial approach. We have known for many decades that the mitochondria in our cells are responsible for processing food, where electrons, photons, are utilized as protons and not proteins, carbohydrates, fats or plant or animal parts… From here on it’s not about bacon, fruit smoothies or whole bread, it’s about how much we know about electrons, photons. We can process many different foods available today, we can make energy from them, we can make carbon dioxide from them, we can make water from them, it’s just the number and existence of side effects that matters. It’s also important that we can only influence a certain part of our metabolism, x percentage, by eating, no matter how super or crappy the fuel we put in our mouth. It would be smarter to understand better how our engine works (mitochondria) and tune it before we spend all our focus on the fuel.

Where do you get your information? Which trend are you blindly following?

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