Sporty, educational holiday in a sunny beach environment

Fitness Camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness sunrise
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness Ajuy
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunset La Pared
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunrise

when and where?

4 days (thursday-sunday)


New dates in autumn!

5-8. September

3-6. October

31. October - 3. November


Spain, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), Costa Calma

Join the Fitness Camp, if you would like to:

  • Relax on the beach and watch beautiful sunrises, sunsets
  • Learn time-efficient, proven training methods both in theory and practice, that you can incorporate into your workouts at home
  • Explore the ocean standing on a SUP board
  • Practice Yoga on the sandy beach at sunrise
  • Hike to the highest peak on the island for a beautiful view
  • Learn more about a complex approach to healthy living based on mitochondrial function
  • Learn more about natural and paleo diets and their application to a sporty lifestyle
  • Meet like-minded people and exchange experiences
  • Overcome your fears and expand your comfort zone with various sport activities
  • Travel and reconnect with Nature in a sunny, coastal environment
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura windmill
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunset La Pared
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura Risco del Paso
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness hiking
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness hiking
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness hiking


Trainings on the beach (4 sessions, 1-1,5 hours)

SunnyFitness training sessions with me (MovNat - Natural Movements, bodyweight training, maximal strength and joint mobility development, alternative endurance training methods, movement skills, body maintenance exercises). Become a master of movement!

I take care of your individual fitness levels and pre-existing injuries. It will not be performance oriented practice primarily, but more about health and inspiration for further trainings at home. Learning training principles and methods through practice. If you want to tire yourself out, I will of course have some ideas for that too!


Yoga practice at sunrise (1 hour)

Start the day with yoga on the beach with an experienced instructor!


Ocean SUP tour (1-1,5 hours)

Cruising with SUP boards near the wild coast starting from the town beach. For beginners, I will give a preliminary SUP training!


Lectures (approx. 2x1 hour + Q&A)

  1. Nutrition and lifestyle: healthy living, nutrition, biohacking in terms of quantum biology, biophysics, mitochondria and personal experience. Biological effects of sunlight and artificial lights.
  2. Exercise methods: Time-effective, proven training methods for lifelong fitness, strength, flexibility, muscle building and performance enhancement.


Hiking (approx. 4 hours up and down)

We will climb to the highest point of the island (Pico de la Zarza - 813m), where we will enjoy beautiful views, including one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Cofete.


Dinner together

On saturday evening, we get together for a dinner and informal chat in a restaurant.

Fitness Camp Fuerteventura SUP
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness jump
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura kayak
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness SUP
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness SUP
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness SUP


Island trip (approx. 8 hours)

We will visit the most beautiful places of Fuerteventura, the sand dunes and lagoon beaches in the north (Corralejo, El Cotillo), drive through the hilly parts of the island, reminiscent of western movies. We'll also stop at the charming former capital (Betancuria), then check out the caves on the west side (Ajuy) and finish with a super sunset (La Pared).

Kayak tour with snorkeling included (1,5 hours)

We will start from a quiet fishing village in 1-2 person, stable sea kayaks, paddle to a small bay, to the snorkeling site, where we will meet colourful underwater life and then paddle back.

*The Island trip and Kayaking are possible the day before or after the camp (Wednesday and Monday). Please let me know when you apply if you are interested in these activities! The start of the programs and the prices depend on the number of participants (about 40-50 EUR/person).

fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness goat cheese
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness gambas
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness fruits
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness aloe vera
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura windmill
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness Betancuria
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura snorkeling
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura angelshark
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura fish cave
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura desert road

travel and accommodation

To be booked individually

Please check accommodations around Costa Calma, there are many hotels and apartments to rent for all categories. (, 

In the Royal Suite hotel with all-inclusive accommodation the camp participants can book with discount.

For the travel I recommend the direct flights to Fuerteventura from the big cities of Europe.

Fitness Camp Fuerteventura goat
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura squirrel
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura Pico de la Zarza

Includes participation on the programs, the digital photos of the camp and 3 E-books.

The accommodation and meals, travel and airport transfer, insurance, optional programs are not included.

Free for children under 12, half price for children aged 12-18.

The GROUP discount is valid for min. 2 person.

Fitness Camp Fuerteventura Morro Jable
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunrise Costa Calma
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura fishing
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunset El Cotillo

How can I apply?

You can apply by e-mail and by transferring the participation fee. Please also write your billing adress in the message and if you would like to join the optional programs.

Contact me if you have any questions about the event!

E-mail adress:

Payment details

Bank transfer:

Account No.: CaixaBank, 2100-4545-3822-0024-4539
IBAN code: ES57

Beneficiary name: Mihaly Zoltan Safran 


Cancellation conditions

In case of cancellation, the paid participation fee will not be refunded, but can be used for other services until 31.12.2024 (books, trainings, counselling, other camps, events, lectures). If you cannot come, please let us know as soon as possible! If the camp is cancelled, the full participation fee will be refunded.

Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sand dunes
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura windsurf
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura goat
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness El Cotillo
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness sunrise2
fitness camp Fuerteventura SunnyFitness Betancuria
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness
fitness camp fuerteventura sunnyfitness

Since 2015 I have organised 18 similar fitness camps in Hungary and in Fuerteventura.

You can expect a friendly, youthful atmosphere, daily sport activities, new friendships, learning new skills & knowledge and lots of fun!

Mihaly Zoltan Safran SunnyFitness

Mihály Zoltán Sáfrán

FLY FROM WINTER TO SUMMER and Join us for a lifetime TRAVEL and FITNESS experience on the sunny island of Fuerteventura!

Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunset hills
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunset Morro Jable
Fitness Camp Fuerteventura sunset cliff La Pared

Some of the professional photos: Gábor Balogh (Instagram: @gb.adventurephoto)