Training plan + consultation

Do you want to be stronger, more fit, more athletic, lose fat, gain muscle, improve your sport performance?

Do you have limited time for training but you want to make the best out of it?

Are you an intermediate/pro athlete and plateauing in a certain level?

Strenght, muscle mass, endurance, speed, mobility, movement skills, injury prevention etc. There are millions of ways to train but we have only a few hours a week for it.

I help to you find the most effective training program (6 or 12 weeks) which suits your fitness level, schedule and bring you to the next level!

What is included in the training plan?

  • Questionnarie about your training experience, current level and lifestyle, goals (15-20min to answer)
  • 2,5 hour online/personal consultation (half+1 hour in the beginning and 1 hour on the 3rd week)
  • Personalised plan (training plan with neccessary exercise technique videos)

Training plan Prices

225 EUR (6 week) + 170 EUR for any additional 6 week plan and consultations

How do we do it?

  1. Write me a message to! Write briefly about your goals, actual level and how much time you have for it.
  2. I send you a written questionarrie, we make an appointment for the first half hour consultation and please transfer the fee.
  3. We discuss your questionarrie answers, fixing your possible weak links, clarifying your goals.
  4. Then I send you in a few days your personalized plan and we discuss it in details in the second, 1 hour consultation. On the 3rd week we talk again.
  5. Then its your turn, put in the work! And the results are coming soon.

Why 6 or 12 weeks?

I use a professional training programming method, which consist 3 week cycles focusing on a few skills at a time for maximizing the improvements. For the best results I recommend minimum 2×3 weeks of conscious training. Of course we can find solutions for other individual time frames if neccessary.

Why you should choose me?

My whole life have been connected to sports and studying the human physiology. Im training almost daily for 30 years and I reached worldclass results in canoeing. I wrote books about human physiology on a very deep (quantum biology, mitochondria) level. Im constantly learning, improving myself, working as a fitness coach since 2014. I graduated as an engineer so I like creating science based plans.

I made many mistakes on my journey, you dont need to do so. You may save years of research, trial and error self experimenting.

To sum up, I can offer you an unique, holistic approach, progressive and enjoyable way to reach your best shape with time efficient methods.

Limited availability!

I desing training plans for maximum 5-10 person/month depending on my actual capacity to have quality focus on each of you. I would like to see you win and be satisfied with your results!

Let’s jump to the next level!