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Workout videos I. Warmup

5 minute samples, which you can use before any workout or anytime as a refreshing movement snack

Warmup #1 | Become more flexible&ready for action!
Warmup #2 | Become more flexible&ready for action!
Warmup for RUNNING #3 | Ready, set, go!
Warmup for RUNNING #3 | 10min in 1 min fast recording
Warmup #4 | Classical, Oldschool, Dynamic
Warmup #5 | Standing exercises
Warmup #6 | The 5×1 Method
Warmup #7 | 5×1 on the GROUND
Warmup #8 | MovNat style

Workout videos II. SunnyFitness

Get motivated, inspired for your trainings!

Keep moving | SunnyFitness
Improve your full human potential | SunnyFitness
Sunset Volcano Run | Caldera de Gairia, Fuerteventura
Flying with the wind | Windsurfing in Fuerteventura
Pico de la Zarza, Fuerteventura running expedition
Santa Chimney Climbing Fun
Book Movement Challenge
30 second slow Muscle Up
Bag & Stones Workout
Ice Swimming Fun | Homo Arcticus Hungaricus
How to do Tripod Vaulting | Learn in 6 steps
Bamboo Flow Workout
5+1 Alapgyakorlat | Ha sokat ülsz, számítógépezel
Cooperative MovNat Exercise | Benefits of teamwork
RubbishChallenge 2018 | Loaded pullups with trash
Tree Climbing Lifelong
Palm tree climbing
Tree rounding
Sumo Wrestling | Combative Basics
Never Stop Crawling
MovNat Strenght & Balance | in the “log gym”
Spiderman Workout
How to JUMP | 20+ Beginner & Advanced Technique & Inspiration
Move the hill | Natural strenght endurance workout
Hey WORLD, please build more OUTDOOR Gym’s!
500 Jump Compilation
Hanging & Climbing Monkey Training
Sit & Rise | MovNat ground exercise
MovNat Combo Workout
Improve your balance | 10+ Beginner to Advanced exercises
Full Body Quarantine Workout
Precision landing practice
How to deadlift with stones?
Turkish Get Up – Wine bottle Challenge
15 easy exercise for daily Body-Maintenance
Hybrid Workout Motivation 


Drunken Sailor on guitar | Quarantine edition
Interview with Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Master Instructor | PODCAST
Ice barell at home