SunnyFitness Workout Tips #11-20

The SunnyFitness Workout Tips series continues! If you haven’t read the first 10 tips, you can do so HERE! Table of Contents (click on the titles below to quickly jump to the specific tip) SUNNYFITNESS TIPS #11 Write a Training Diary SUNNYFITNESS TIPS #12 Prevent injuries SUNNYFITNESS TIPS #13 Training is lifestyle and community SUNNYFITNESS TIPS #14 Train for… Continue reading SunnyFitness Workout Tips #11-20

SunnyFitness Workout Tips #0-10

SUNNYFITNESS TIPS #0Let’s get started! I started to write a new, long term series with short, practical training and lifestyle tips! I beleive they are EVERGREEN, because they have been working for a long time and for most people. They are based on tons of scientific evidence and real life practical experiences. Time will tell how… Continue reading SunnyFitness Workout Tips #0-10

What is SunnyFitness?

I changed the former PaleoSport ‘stage name‘ to SunnyFitness a few years ago, but what does this specific sport and lifestyle trend mean? In short, it’s a complex, free-form sport for long-term health and continuous improvement. We can develop basic human movement patterns, become more skillful, stronger and improve our performance. I’m also a big… Continue reading What is SunnyFitness?

What and how much do I train?

Since I’ve been doing sports for over 30 years and occasionally present some exercises in the online world, here’s a little more detail about my workouts! I don’t recommend following every part of it exactly the same, because it would be best to train with individual goals and plans for everyone, but for inspiration and… Continue reading What and how much do I train?

10 natural movement snacks for everyday life

Want to train but don’t have the time? Are you rusty but can’t get to a trainer, physiotherapist or massage lately? You could do some easy exercises, but are missing some ideas to get you going? In cases like these – and just for body maintenance – incorporating short, easy, few-minute mini workouts or ‘movement… Continue reading 10 natural movement snacks for everyday life

21 common training mistakes made by beginners (and some advanced athletes)

HUN Blog from 28/05/2022 It’s a great step to start exercising, as it’s one of the lifestyle factors that can do a lot for your health, appearance, performance or even a great recreational and social event. The effects of exercise work best when done properly, otherwise it can be dangerous to a greater or lesser… Continue reading 21 common training mistakes made by beginners (and some advanced athletes)

Safe Sunbathing

HUN Blog from 27/06/2020 In this article, we will discuss how to sunbathe safely without sunburn, sunstroke, heat shock, cataracts, skin cancer and other unpleasant side effects, so that you can stop being afraid of it and maximise the positive biological effects of sun exposure. I also cover the mechanism of sunburn and melanoma. I… Continue reading Safe Sunbathing