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What are the natural movements?
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The movements that evolved during the evolution of humans are called natural movements. A tiger doesn’t go for sprinting or hunting lessons, as one grows one will know how to move to survive. In today’s world, however, it seems as genetics are not working properly, and many people’s natural movement patterns are very much underdeveloped, which is one of the reasons why it is important to reinvent and regularly practice natural movement patterns.

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Sun exposure and vitamin D production: for who, when, how much and how?
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Vitamin D, or rather the D hormone, is involved in many metabolic processes, including the optimal functioning of the immune system. Sun-produced vitamin D is one of the most effective and simplest tools we can use to strengthen our immune system. But who-when-how much and how? It does matter when you want to go for vitamin D hunting.

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10 natural ‘movement snacks‘ for everyday life
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Want to train but don’t have the time? Are you rusty but can’t get to a trainer, physiotherapist or massage lately? You could do some easy exercises, but are missing some ideas to get you going? Start using the daily movement snacks!

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My third winter without a coat, doing ice baths and getting frostbite
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I continuously collected experiences about my new hobby in the field of cold tolerance, cold adaptation. The scientific theory of cold completely convinced me that this can work and by experience I can only confirm this.
I didn’ wear my coat this wintertime too. Usually I wear long pants and T-shirt when I am on the street. Hats, scarves, gloves are not neccessary. I did’t feel cold even didn’t get any cold or flu. To be honest I was not completely immune to cold, but much, much better than the avarage. Let’s look at some more extreme experiences!

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3 really super superfoods
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The term ‘superfood’ is fancy these days, usually referring to micronutrient-rich, natural foods, and is being used to describe a lot of things. In this article, I present 3 simple and great natural superfoods!

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What is SunnyFitness?
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I changed the former PaleoSport ‘stage name‘ to SunnyFitness a few years ago, but what does this specific sport and lifestyle trend mean? In short, it’s a complex, free-form sport for long-term health and continuous improvement. We can develop basic human movement patterns, become more skillful, stronger and improve our performance. I’m also a big fan of spending time in natural (light) environments, so why not combine that with movement?

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