Thoughts from Albert Szent-Györgyi

HUN Blog from 24/10/2016 Here are some interesting, thought-provoking quotes from the Hungarian, Nobel Prize-winning scientist. Few people know, but Albert Szent-Györgyi is not only famous for vitamin C, he is also credited with many other biochemical discoveries, a pioneer in bioelectronics or quantum biology and not far from the paleo principles.   ‘Food is… Continue reading Thoughts from Albert Szent-Györgyi

Diet Religions

HUN Blog from 15/06/2019 Don’t argue with a religious man… so they say. It has happened before, hasn’t it? A fanatical believer wants to defend his belief system at all costs, finds it hard to accept anything that contradicts his beliefs… In the world of healthy eating, too, there are different trends and “diet religions”.… Continue reading Diet Religions

Cold history

HUN Blog from 14/11/2014 Let’s rewind the clock back to the age of the dinosaurs! Primitive reptiles became extinct around 65 million years ago, following a major meteorite impact (Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event) at the Chicxulub crater in Mexico.  This was followed by several months or even years of darkness and cooling, so whoever survived this… Continue reading Cold history

3 really super superfoods

Blog from 13/02/2019 The term ‘superfood’ is fancy these days, usually referring to micronutrient-rich, natural foods, and is being used to describe a lot of things. In this article, I present 3 simple and great natural superfoods! I. Seafood From an evolutionary and quantum biological point of view, nothing beats seafood in the human diet.… Continue reading 3 really super superfoods

My third winter without a coat, doing ice baths and getting frostbite

HUN Blog from 21/02/2016 Slowly here is the end of this winter, this February is already more reminiscent of spring. I continuously collected experiences about my new hobby in the field of cold tolerance, cold adaptation. The scientific theory of cold completely convinced me that this can work and by experience I can only confirm… Continue reading My third winter without a coat, doing ice baths and getting frostbite